Happy Father's Day Alex! 父親節快樂 ! Alex

2019-06-01 / Impact, News, Clean the World Team / by Clean the World

In honour of Father's Day this year, we would like to showcase Alex Chin, about his role as a father, Recycling Centre Operations Manger and a soap-whisperer. 今年的父親節,我們特別邀請Alex 分享他對親子與家庭生活的看法,並了解他作為我們的香皂工藝大師的使命感。 請按這裡閱讀更多。

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The Importance of Proper Handwashing

2018-08-02 / Benefit, Impact / by Clean the World

Soap is the greatest invention for Public Health!

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The Company Cleaning Up the World's Biggest Hotels

2018-08-31 / Events, Impact, Media Coverage, Clean the World Team, Volunteers / by Clean the World

Around the world, five million hotel soaps make their way to landfills every single day. But Clean the World aims turn those discarded slabs into a life-changing commodity.With recycling centers in the United States and Hong Kong, the not-for-profit corporation has partnered with 5,000 hotels internationally to recycle soap from nearly one million hotel rooms daily, distributing them instead to families, schools and organizations in need.

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Clean the World is Running a Global Hygiene Revolution to Save Lives

2018-08-22 / Benefit, Events, Impact, Media Coverage, News, Clean the World Team, Partners / by Clean the World

"Hygiene related illnesses claim the lives of almost 6,000 kids under the age of five every day; that’s more than malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined. Interestingly, the way to prevent those deaths is not a vaccine, it’s not even clean water, but just a bar of soap."

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The NGO Recycling Soaps to Save Lives

2017-08-04 / Benefit, Impact, Media Coverage, News, Clean the World Team, Partners, Testimonials / by Clean the World

Diarrheal diseases kill approximately 1.8 million people per year, predominantly children under 5 years old in Africa and South Asia. The tragedy is that these deaths are easily preventable – through simple hand-washing with soap.

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